Reminiscing USA

I should have been visiting the USA again this Summer with my youngest son Jay for our celebratory 21st & 50th birthdays but with all the problems with travel arrangements and hotels being cancelled it was all getting a bit to much of a headache.

Having been to Las Vegas a few years ago for my niece’s wedding and New York at Christmas time in 2019 we were looking forward to visiting these places again as well as Los Angeles, San Francisco and Miami. As you can imagine all very different types of places with stunning cuisine, beautiful people and a stunning selection of cultures & traditions.

I had visions of sipping fizzy water overlooking the Manhattan skyline, bumping into Quentin Tarantino again as you do or strolling around Las Vegas Strip with the Las Vegas showgirls tickling my nose with their feathers again( ok that never happened but you can only wish hey )

But most of all I was looking forward to strutting my stuff down In Santa Monica beach or South beach Miami, showing off my UNDER TONED BODY and ONE PACK physique lol 😂

Always another time I suppose.

Enjoy 😉

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