Book Release

Well the release of my book “Great Britain and Cornwall” edition one finally hits the shops today, the 31st March 2021 and is available in all good bookstores including “Waterstones”

You can also purchase copies from my publisher “Austin Macaulay” on their website and also Amazon in paperback or ebook.

It’s taken a while for the book to be finally published due to delays caused by “Covid” my apologies.

This is my first published book and having been a total novice in writing ( ask my English teacher at School ) I’m immensely proud of Austin Macaulay, my family and friends and not wanting to blow my own trumpet...Myself.

As a novice 18 months ago I now believe I have developed as a writer, in fact I’m hoping by the end of the year to have at least 10 books in total published.

As I have mentioned previously in other posts, anyone who purchases my book, I will personally send a copy of “The Story Behind The Book” free of charge.

Written by myself, it’s just a short explanation of where I was personally in my life when I wrote “Great Britain and Cornwall” and how I came through the other side so to speak, highlighting the demons of coping with Mental Health & Addiction and it’s also a bit of a private insight into my life that 95% of people didn’t even know about or realise, until now, including Family & Friends.

This is something I feel passionately about because I believe for every person who suffers from depression, addiction and let’s be honest any other socially stigmatised issue, there’s nearly always a reason behind it............NOBODY KNOWS WHAT A PERSON HAS HAD TO SUFFER AND ENDURE IN LIFE, so if my experiences can help just one person not only in the hospitality and tourism industry but anywhere, to reach out for help I will be truly humbled.

God Bless


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