Who We Are

A SERIOUS illness nearly took my life in 2017 and led to me having to give up the career I loved at the age of just 45, A Professional Chef. For the past four years I have been retired and, for the first two, I totally fell out of love for cooking and the industry - mainly due to feeling bitter about losing my career. 

On a short trip in 2019 to Kassiopi in Corfu, something connected - seeing the culture and beautiful scenery on show, but mainly the amazing food that was on offer rekindled the spark back inside me. So I decided to get involved again, I started my own ‘Recipes From My Travels’ blog. To be honest it started by just recreating recipes from places I’ve been fortunate enough to visit. To start with I wasn’t very social media or computer savvy, but the blog has now grown to over 3000 followers and well in access of 4 million reaches to date. 

I have my first book due to be published on the 31st March 2021 with Publisher’s Austin Macauley, called “ Recipes From My Travels, Great Britain and Cornwall edition one” 
I have also published two ebooks, “New York, New York” and “Recipes from my Kitchen” with the revised copies soon to be available on the website.

I’m also working on a collaboration with the amazing author Fiona Collins, consulting  on recipes and dishes for her new book “Dirty Dishes”- Recipes to ignite passion.

I’ve got three more books I’m planning to work on “Culinary and cultural Corfu” and “Greece & the Greek Islands, a Food journey” and one I’ve nearly completed, which will be close to my heart “The Grandfather, My Grandad Is The Best Chef In The World” written and helped by my three beautiful grandchildren.

Along with other projects and collaborations, I’m proud to say that I’m the food and travel writer for the “Bromsgrove Standard and Coventry Observer Newspapers”
and have been invited to be the Admin for “Discover Cornwall and Devon” 

Along with the help of my Children we now have three blogs “Completley Cornwall” “Brummagem Rubs & Spices” and of course my own little Baby “Recipes From My Travels” which kicked started it all off.

Now we have a brand new website under the logo “Rfmt” that covers all three Facebook blogs and links to some of the following...our own YouTube channel, advertising page, gallery, testimonials, affiliates, and an amazing ONLINE SHOP plus many others.

We have chefs, consultants, and backroom help, readily available from a very close nit family and friends set up. On a personal note, without their help I would not have achieved any of this success so far. This is an amazing success story from heartbreak to happiness, Join us as a family on this incredible journey.

Achievements so far 

Published Author.
Food and travel writer for newspapers
Published ebook Author.
Promoter of businesses in the hospitality and tourism industry around the world. 
Live appearances on website cooking channel.
Helping charities through book sales and other projects.

Goals for the future 

Continue to promote and help businesses in the hospitality and tourism industry, through my many multiple social media platforms around the world.